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Sizwe Medical Fund under provincial curatorship

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Why Health Squared

In the current distribution environment, the identification of aligned product, market and technology, as well as market differentiation, have become critical components of the long – term economic performance struggle. With this in mind, a market opportunity has become apparent that addresses the following differentiation fundamentals:

–       Transparency

–       Simplicity

–       Speed

–       Cost


An approach of  “what you see is what you get”. No hidden cost, complex, long – winded definitions, onerous exclusions or any other “traditional” life insurance entrapment


No long, technical policy documentation, medical requirements or complex language. Just simple, flexible, cost effective cover, all in a policy document less than 15 pages long


Speed is a cornerstone of our marketing philosophy. No upfront time sapping medical evaluations for healthy individuals. Quick decision making capability


Simple product design aligned with streamlined infrastructure, support and distribution allows cost saving to be passed on directly to the consumer

Business Purpose

Creative Risk Solutions


To position Resolution Health as the first choice in medical scheme cover within the emerging market as measured by members, providers, employers and brokers.


To provide affordable access to healthcare that is financially sustainable by managing growth and risk via strategic partnerships without diluting the risk value proposition for members.


–       Simplicity and Speed of Execution

–       We avoid clutter and red tape

–       We have a sense of urgency

–       Human Touch

–       We are caring in our relationships

–       Solution Driven

–       We create solutions to challenges

–       We are driven by continuous improvement

–       Ownership

–       Everyone takes responsibility

–       Everyone owns the client

–       Value Minded

We add value to everything we do

Our Strategy

To encourage our members and communities to Embrace Life!
Resolution Health endeavours to assist our members in leading a happy, healthy life that encompasses all aspects of wellbeing, individually and within their communities.  This is achieved by encouraging active participation in 3 core areas which affect all members and communities’ day-to-day lives namely:


Promoting education on and protection of the environment in order to ensure healthy, happy members and communities now and into the future


Encouraging and supporting the education of individuals and communities to improve both their quality of health and lifestyle


Ensuring members and communities have access to quality, productive entertainment in order to imporve their overall wellbeing