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Health Squared previously (Resolution Health)

Health Squared


HEALTH SQUARED is a dynamic, new age medical scheme that is challenging the status quo by delivering more of the healthcare benefits you need, the way you need them, at every life stage.


Forged in the melting pot of two well known and highly experienced medical schemes, namely Resolution Health and Spectramed medical scheme, HEALTH SQUARED enjoys a wealth of knowledge of the healthcare market and a firm commitment to service and product excellence.


Established in 1998, Resolution Health Medical Scheme has operated in the open medical scheme industry for two decades. During this time, the Scheme has operated on the principles of transparency, affordability and the provision of quality healthcare benefits to members from all walks of life, and at all life stages. Today, Resolution Health remains a key leader in the healthcare sector thanks to its innovative approach to benefit design and strict financial management. This together with strong corporate governance and a commitment to sustainable organic and inorganic growth, has seen the Scheme effectively navigate the challenges facing the healthcare industry in recent years.


From its beginnings as a closed medical scheme providing quality healthcare cover to the printing industry over 60 years ago, Spectramed has grown from strength to strength, eventually becoming an open medical scheme in recent years. With its next generation approach to healthcare and its commitment to service excellence, Spectramed continues to be a highly sustainable and innovative medical scheme.