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Bantu Bonke is a family policy!

It is not just a funeral policy as it includes 8 other benifits (Assupol-on-Call) and a family funeral policy.

The family funeral policy cover’s the Mail life assured and the  spouse for R10,000 each and a maximum of 5 children – children’s cover work on a sliding scale according to age.

Children’s cover according to age

  • Stilborn children older than 28 weeks get R1,000 cover
  • 0 – 5 years of age are covered for R1,250
  • 6 – 13 years of age are covered for R2,500
  • 14 – 21 years of age are covered for R5,000
  • Children are not covered after the age of 21 and are required to apply for their own policies

Premiums have been divided into three age categories.  The age of the  main life assured determines the monthly premium to be paid for Bantu Bonke family cover.

  • 18 -64 years of age        R78 per month
  • 65 – 74 years of age       R98 per month
  • 75 – 85 years of age       R131 per month

Waiting peroids

There is a 6 month waiting period for policies with the main life assured younger than 64 years of age, above the age of 64 there is a 9 months waiting period.  Accidental death covers from the receipt of first premium.


Assupol-on-Call provides you, the Assupol principal life assured and all assured lives covered by the policy, within unique Livestyle Value Added Products and Services.  You benefit if you live in South Africa and travel within South Africa, Lesotho, Swaziland, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Mozambique (below the 22 degree parallel line).

HIV/Aids advice and information line

–  We provide advice on safe sex

–  if you are raped, or a memeber of your family is raped, we give you the morning after pill to prevent pregnancy and the appropriate drug to prevent you from contracting HIV.

Medical advice and information line

Qualified nursing sisters provide information on:

–  Any health problems or illness

–  Poison and drugs

–  Pregnancy and baby care

–  Referrals to doctor, hospitals, clinics, pharmacies and dentists

Emergency ambulance service

–  In the event of an accident, injury, or illness an ambulance will be arranged to transport you to the nearest, most appropriate hospital.

–  If your children are stranded due to your accident or illness, we will transport them to a family member or safe place.

–  If you have to be hospitalized outside of your home town for more than 5 days in a row,we will arrange and pay for the transport of one relative to visit you.

–  The Emergency Ambulance Service has no age restrictions, no financial limits and no medical examination is required, but it excludes self-inflicted injuries.

Guaranteed hospital Admission

–  We will arrange and pay for admission to a medical facitlity should you be involved in a medical facility should you be involved in a medical emergency requiring hospitalisation, if medically justified.

–  Admission will be arranged, if applicable, prior to you being admitted to a medical facility up to a maximum of R5,000 per beneficiary per year.

–  This benefit does not apply to any in-hospital expenses and cannot be claimed as a cash benefit.

Transportaiton of the deceased and bereavement line

In the event of the death of the assured life by any cause i.e an HIV/AIDS related illness, or due to a medical emergency, all costs related to the transportation of the deceased back to their home town within South Africa will be arranged (up to R20,000).  The benefit is excluded for self-inflicted injuries.

The transportation of the deceased and bereavement line will assist you with following services in the event of death:

–  Funeral or cremation arrangements

–  Explanation of your funeral insurance policies

–  Referrals to pathologists and undertakers

–  Transportation of the deceased to their home town in South Africa

–  Assistance in obtaining a death certificate following accidenta death

–  Telephonic councelling with a relevant counsellor

–  Legal assistance regarding the deceased’s will and property

–  If the funeral is between 50km and 150km away form home, we will make the necessary travel arrangements and pay up to a maximum of R100 per person (maximum R400) for up to four immediate family members of the deceased to attend the funeral.

–  If the funeral is more than 150km away from home, we will make the necessary travel arrangements and pay up to a maximum of R500 per person (maximum R2,000) for up to four immediate family members of the deceased to attend the funeral.

Trauma counselling

Telephonic trauma counselling in the event of family or domestic abuse, rape, unemployment or retrenchemt, hijacking, robbery, HIV/AIDS, death, divorce or drug abuse.  This benefit is excluded for self-inflicted injuries.

If telephonic counselling is not sufficient we will arrange for face-to-face counselling with an appropriate counsellor and pay up to a maximum of R5,000 per person per year.


Tutor line

Teachers will assist children telephonically with their homework and school projects.

–  Assistance with all the primary and high school major subjects: Maths, Science, English, Afrikaans, Geography, Accounting, Economics, Business Economics and Biology.

–  Teachers can send information to children via fax, e-mail or mail.

–  Tutors are highly qualified, practicing teachers

The tutor line is available from Sunday to Thursday – 6am to 9pm excluding public/school holidays

Financial advice line

The financial advice line will assist you with information on financial services and give you advice on how to avoid fraudulent “Money-Making” schemes, as well as assistance and advice on unfair blacklisting.


  • Comparative interest rate quotes for home loans, car financing, credit cards, etc.


  • Advice on shares, unit trusts, endowment policies, property and retirement annuities.

Life assurance

  • Information and advice on lifeassurance policies

Short-term insurance

  • Advice on what to look out for when taking out household and vehicle insurance


  • Personal tax




All the above services are packaged and managed by Cims South Africa (Pty) Lts.  Please make sure that you take sufficient time to read and understand the information on this page and that you pay special attention to all terms printed in bold.  The full text of the terms and conditions are available at Cims offices.  Please contact or call Cims on 0800 119 911 if anything is not clear.  As the benefit is provided in the form of a service, you must contact the 24 hour contact centre on the dedicated assistance number 0800 002 614 in the First instance.

If the contact centre is NOT contacted in the FIRST  instance, any costs incurred by you will be for your own account.  Assupol-on-Call benefits are effective immediately and are ot subject to a 6 month waiting period as with the insured benefits on the policy.



You need  to understand and agree that the service providers appointed to perform the service are independent contractors.  The service providers are therefor responsible to perform the services with due care and proper workmanship.  Except to the extent that Cims acted with gross negligence or fraudulent intent, Cims will not be liable for any loss, damage, cost or expenses and liabilities which you may suffer as a result of or in connection with any service provided by the service providers.

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