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2024 Profmed

Profmed is the largest restricted medical scheme in South Africa exclusively designed for graduate professionals.
Although registered in 1969, we have provided benefits since 1959, making us one of the longest established medical
schemes in South Africa. Profmed serves over 33 800 discerning members, providing over 70 500 lives with
exceptional medical benefits.

Please note: That these Benefits and contributions introduced in these Brochures are as per information provided to Profcon, an accredited intermediary. Certain benefits may be subject to approval by the Council for Medical Schemes. The registered rules of the scheme supersede this
guide at all times.

Contact our offices if you are in need of advice or assistance.

Why Profmed?
• Unlimited cover in hospital
• Day-to-day dentistry benefits
• Hospitalisation for injuries resulting from leisure and adventure sport
• Sabbatical benefit, with no underwriting upon return to South Africa
• International travel emergency medical assistance
• Cover in the SADC Region
Membership is exclusively for postgraduate professionals. If you have a degree and/or qualification of four years or more from a university or technical university, or two three-year degrees, or a three-year degree with a post-graduate
qualification of not less than one year, you are eligible for Profmed.
Profmed offers you the best benefits at low rates. The Profmed ProActive option is tailor-made for you and pays when it really matters.

Benefit highlights include:

• Exclusively designed for the graduate professional
• No network hospitals
• Unlimited hospitalisation
• No co-payments or deposits payable for hospitalisation
• Contraceptives on all options paid from risk
• Rich maternity benefits with lenient underwriting on pregnancy
• Cover for leisure and adventure sports
• Rich oncology benefit on all options
• International travel emergency medical assistance
• Cover in SADC (Southern African Development Community) Region
• Profmed Baby programme
• Access to ER locator and your electronic membership card via the Profmed app
• Multiply Wellness and Rewards Programme offers discounted fitness and lifestyle benefits (optional)

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