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Ten reasons why you should choose Discovery Health.

1.   Industry leading financial security

  • More than 2 million members trust us to take care of their healthcare funding. We have over R5 billion in reserves to ensure our members’ claims will be paid now, and in the future.
  • The Global Credit Rating Agency has rated Discovery Health Medical Scheme as the most financially secure medical scheme in South Africa.

2.   A wide spectrum of plan options

  • Discovery offers 17 plan options to cater for all medical and financial needs.

3.   Affordable contributions and sustainable premium increases

  • All our plans offer comprehensive benefits at competitive rates.
  • Our scale and clinical expertise allows us to negotiate the best rates with healthcare providers for our members, ensuring that our premiums are affordable today and sustainable in the long term.

4.   Extensive medical cover and support in South Africa, Africa and abroad

  • Unlimited Hospitalisation is standard on all Discovery Health plans.
  • We provide extensive cover for medical emergencies in South Africa and while travelling in Africa and overseas.

5.   Flexible comprehensive cover for chronic conditions

  • Unlimited cover for up to 61 chronic conditions (depending on your choice of health plan).
  • You have the flexibility to choose medicine either from the Discovery medicine list (both generic and non-generic medicines) or use your Chronic Drug Amount for your specific condition.

6.   Putting members in the driving seat of their day-to-day medical expenses with the Medical Savings Account

  • You can choose the amount of day-to-day cover you need, from the maximum 25% to plans with no day-to-day cover.
  • You can build a financial asset through your Medical Savings Account because any unused funds will be carried over to the following year.

7.   Innovative ways to maximize day-to-day cover

  • The Discovery Health GP Network of over 3 000 GPs offers members the opportunity to enhance your day-to-day cover. When using these GPs, only a portion is paid from the member’s day-to-day benefits, the balance is paid by the medical scheme.
  • The Trauma Recovery Extender Benefit provides extensive day-to-day cover after certain traumatic events, without using funds from your ordinary day-to-day benefits.

8.   Guaranteed full cover options for medical specialists

  • Discovery’s direct payment arrangements provide full cover when you visit specialists who form part of our networks. These arrangements are unique in the South African medical schemes industry and cover over 80% of specialist interactions.

9.   Access to the latest treatments, medicines and technologies

  • The Specialty Medical Technology Benefit provides access to the latest medical advances and technologies.
  • We apply the highest level of clinical rigor in the design of our benefits and regularly consult with external medical professional bodies to ensure that you receive the most appropriate medical cover.

10.   Personalised interactions and the highest level of service

  • Our call centre is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to assist with any queries our members may have.
  • In the event of hospitalisation, you can expect personalised service from member liaison managers, posted on-site at over 30 major hospitals, who can assist with hospital admissions, claims and case management.

Why Discovery Health?

The Discovery Health Medical Scheme is the largest and most secure in South Africa.

Discovery Health gives you quality health care cover at the right price to meet your family’s needs.