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Sizwe Medical Aid

Sizwe Medical Aid

Sizwe Medical Fund was formed in 1978 to provide affordable medical aid cover to all South Africans. Our unique experience in this area has made us leaders when it comes to recognising and catering for South Africa’s needs.

Sizwe’s slogan – “Caring for the Health of the Nation” – demonstrates our approach: over the years we have come to understand what our members need and what South Africans want from a medical scheme. This knowledge has helped us to structure our products in the most affordable way to suit different pockets. As a result, the Fund has grown into one of the larger open schemes in South Africa. The Fund is administered by Sechaba Medical Solutions (Pty) Limited (SMS).

With our range of products, particularly the low-cost network option that caters for those on a tight financial budget, we believe we have heard the voice of our people. Our grass-root knowledge grows deeply in the South African soil as we build new relationships and listen to member needs every day.

One of our major attractions is the one-stop solution that we offer, with a range of affordable options to suit all employees from the lowest-paid blue-collar worker to top-earning executives. In times of medical aid contribution increases at every turn, the phrase “affordable healthcare” has become contradictory in meaning. However, we at Sizwe Medical Fund believe that we have truly put the “affordable” back into healthcare, particularly for low-income groups.

With offices around the country, and a well-represented Board of Trustees, the Sizwe Medical Fund is dedicated to:
• providing members and their families with quality healthcare;
• making healthcare accessible and affordable;
• working in partnership with the medical profession to create a sustainable future for our members; and
• long-term relationships with clients; and serving the community.