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Universal Health & Accident Plan

The Universal Health & Accident Plan is a health insurance product specifically developed for employer groups
wishing to provide specified health cover for employees who would otherwise not have access to private
healthcare. This product promises the convenience of a wallet-free experience and the employee has the option
of adding their dependants, providing peace of mind for all concerned.
With the Universal Health & Accident Plan, insured individuals have access to private healthcare through a vast network of healthcare providers
countrywide, offering comprehensive cover including medication, basic radiology and pathology, as well as optometry benefits. The Emergency benefit
includes cover for emergency services and in-hospital treatment, ensuring that employees have access to the care they need when they need it most.
The below table lists the benefits associated with the 6 options available on the Universal Health & Accident Plan:
Please note, all benefits are for a stated benefit amount and applicable per insured person for a 12-month period, unless otherwise stated.