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Who is Medihelp?

Medihelp is one of the largest open medical aid schemes in South Africa. We provide quality, affordable medical aid cover to more than 216, 000 South Africans.
The healthcare industry is a challenging one in which to work. As a medical aid scheme we need to strike a delicate balance between making healthcare more accessible and managing rising healthcare costs, whilst complying with relevant legislation. Then, there’s the challenge of retaining customer loyalty – and attracting new members – by offering innovative and attractive products and delivering exceptional customer service.

We have the benefit of experience

Industry experience is invaluable in providing top-notch products and services to our members and Medihelp has over 100 years’ experience in the medical schemes industry to draw upon.

Our size is our strength

We’re proud to take responsibility for managing the healthcare needs of over 200 000 lives. One of the largest medical schemes in the country, we service our large membership base from our head office in Pretoria and regional offices in Cape Town, Durban, Bloemfontein and Port Elizabeth.

We’re financially stable

When you become a member of a medical scheme, you invest your money in that scheme – the last thing you want is to invest your hard-earned cash in a medical scheme which cannot provide adequate provision for the payment of claims. With consistent, sound financial performance, Medihelp proves itself time and again. Our financial soundness is marked by our solvency, our claims-paying ability and our resolve to provide value-for-money by keeping administrative costs as low as we can.


Our solvency rate is well above the required 25% prescribed by the Council for Medical Schemes. In addition, our Accumulated Funds per Beneficiary is one of the highest of the top open medical schemes in South Africa.

Administration Costs

Wouldn’t you like to be part of a medical scheme where the money you invest goes to healthcare, rather than non-related costs? At Medihelp, we endevour to keep admin costs as low as possible, so that you get more healthcare cover for every rand you contribute. In fact, our administrative cost as a percentage of gross contribution is consistently below the industry average.

Our claims payment

Due to our consistent, excellent financial performance, the independent ratings company Global Credit Rating has awarded Medihelp’s claims-paying ability with an AA-rating – one of the highest ratings in the industry

Product offering and performance

To retain our membership base, we realise that we need to maintain consistency in our product offering. We do this by managing costs effectively and ensuring long-term sustainability of our medical aid benefit options through risk management initiatives.

Customer satisfaction

We know that our success as an organisation rests on keeping our customers happy. Medihelp’s organisational culture emphasises customer-centricity – that is, the customer is the centre of our focus. Our focus on customer service and satisfaction and has been rewarded with strong customer loyalty. And we’ve been consistently rated amongst the best when it comes to client service, as demonstrated by Consulta’s Customer Service Index survey.

Employee Satisfaction

We believe that to achieve customer satisfaction, we need to encourage employee satisfaction, as well. Medihelp currently employs 720 highly skilled – and contented –personnel. But don’t take our word for it – for three consecutive years, Medihelp has been rated amongst the top ten companies in the Deloitte Best Company to Work For survey.

Our service

Here’s a quick overview of how we meet the needs of our customers:
Customer Care
– Personal customer care is available at our Pretoria Head Office or any of our regional offices in Cape Town, Bloemfontein, Durban and Port Elizabeth
– Our call centre is supported by 79 skilled consultants and handles over 65 000 calls from members, service providers and brokers each month
– Have a query or need help? Contact the Medihelp Call Centre on 086 010 0678
We communicate with members in English or Afrikaans (whichever is your preference) via a host of channels:
– Personalised letters and emails
– SMSs
– Newsletters
– Summarised statements – which you can choose to have sent to you via post or email
– Tailor-made e-statements for the vision-impaired
– Free regional information sessions which you’re invited to attend
– Our free magazine, élan
– Social media platforms – check out our blog, follow us on Twitter and friend us on Facebook.
Our website
The Medihelp website allows us to service clients online, faster and more efficiently than ever before. Here, you can find information about our products, services and procedures. Secured websites allow members, service providers and brokers to transact online, for example to submit claims.
We’re serious about keeping our house in order and limiting fraud and abuse – with the help of an internal audit team and a forensic audit team.
Corporate clients
Corporate clients are supported by a dedicated relationship consultant. We provide information through group profile reports, an e-newsletter and corporate wellness days.

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