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Universal WorkerPlan

The competitive edge. If you think there is no escape from the low rates of productivity caused by employee
health issues in your business, think again. Get the competitive edge with Universal WorkerPlan – a uniquely
tailored, comprehensive modular occupational health and wellness product and service offering.

WorkerPlan is a special customised off-site occupational health and worker wellness solution provided by the
Occupational Health division of Universal.

Real solutions for worker wellness
Specifically created to meet the needs of the South African labour market, Universal WorkerPlan provides cost-effective, flexible occupational health
and worker wellness solutions to employers across the board including the security, commercial, retail, industrial and mining sectors, among others. No
matter whether your business is large or small WorkerPlan can add value to your business.
Employer benefits at a glance
• Compliance with occupational health legislation
• Reduced worker absenteeism
• Improved workforce productivity
• Better cost management
• Improved staff retention resulting in lower recruitment and staff training costs
• Improved employee morale, and workplace health and wellness
• Creating goodwill with formalised labour and trade unions

Say goodbye to your compliance woes
No employer should be without WorkerPlan – an effective tool for managing full compliance with occupational health as well as other important
legislative requirements including:
• The Occupational Health and Safety Act No. 85 of 1993 (OHSA)
• The Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Disease Act No. 130 of 1993 (COIDA)
• The Mine Health and Safety Act No. 29 of 1996
• The Occupational Disease in Mines and Works Act No. 78 of 1973
WorkerPlan is designed to assist employers to meet corporate governance obligations while enhancing workplace productivity through reduced

Unpacking the benefits of WorkerPlan for employers
Universal WorkerPlan offers a range of financial, business practice
and workplace healthcare benefits for employers.
Financial affordability and tax effectiveness
Financial benefits include an affordable occupational healthcare
solution that is fully tax deductible, enabling the employer to
claim it as an operating expense. Value Added Tax (VAT) can also
be claimed back for every expense incurred.
All unused surplus funds are returned to the employer’s account
at the end of the contract period, resulting in reduced business
costs and a positive return on investment.
Business practice
In terms of business practice, risk is mitigated for the employer.
The programme increases your value as a socially responsible
business while enhancing the image of your brand and
positioning you as an employer of choice.
Positive workplace perceptions
The employee has positive perceptions and experiences
within the workplace, which results in improved commitment,
productivity and morale, thereby building a healthier and more
competent workforce.
WorkerPlan take-on and implementation
Universal prides itself in seamless electronic take-on.
Implementation includes communication, on-site education and
the provision of welcome packs to employees.
WorkerPlan reports
Employers receive reports that provide their demographic
information as well as the utilisation profile of the various services.

Employee services
Universal WorkerPlan offers access to the large and growing
Universal Healthcare Provider Network, which includes medical
and occupational health practitioners, and medicines,
radiology, pathology, dentistry, optometry and HIV
services. Through facilitated access to these service
providers, the risk of developing disabling or
life threatening diseases, and dealing with the
associated costs thereof, is greatly reduced,
thereby improving the quality of life of
WorkerPlan is an occupational health service
paid for by the employer and there is therefore
no fringe benefit tax payable by employees