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Sizwe Medical Fund under provincial curatorship

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medihelp’s mission

Our mission is to enhance quality of life through the cost-effective and efficient financial cover of healthcare services, in particular those that are life-saving and life-sustaining.

medihelp’s values

Our values guide the way we do business…

we are strategy-focused

Clarity of thought and insight allow us to focus on what really matters to our business

we are competitive

Our unique business approach and entrepreneurial spirit allow each of us to take ownership of and create new opportunities

we build relationships

Listening to and understanding our customers allow us to provide compassionate service, enabling us to meet and exceed expectations

we constantly look for ways to improve

Our belief in the value of continuous improvement drives us to be always learning, enterprising and striving for success

we live our brand

We are committed to deliver our brand in everything we do – experiencing a fresh sense of self