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2024 Fedhealth

Besides being rated one of the top medical aids in the county and having a great global credit rating, Fedhealth have so many reasons why people stick with them. Check out these cool facts and how we compare to other schemes out there. If you’re still not convinced, read some of the testimonials from their members to find out why you should be with them.

Specialised radiology like MRI and CT scans are paid from Risk and not Savings, whether performed in or out-of-hospital.
Other schemes:
Many other schemes that we investigated offer a limited combined benefit for specialised radiology performed either in or out of hospital.

Go to a casualty ward for any trauma treatment and Fedhealth pay for it from Risk, not Savings (meaning we don’t deplete your day-to-day benefits)
Fedhealth pays for trauma treatment performed in casualty wards from Risk and not Savings.
Most other medical schemes will only cover these costs from their member’s day-to-day benefits (Savings) or will pay for it from Risk only should the member be admitted to hospital immediately after the treatment in the emergency ward. At Fedhealth we will never deduct these costs from your day-to-day benefits. The costs will be paid by the scheme from Risk leaving you with more funding for your day-to-day requirements.
Other schemes:
Medical aid A: Treatment in casualty paid from savings unless member is immediately admitted to hospital from the casualty ward.
Medical aid B: Always paid from member’s day-to-day benefits
Medical aid C: Always paid from member’s day-to-day benefits

Post-hospitalization treatment is taken care of for 30 days after discharge from hospital.
Most medical schemes believe that their responsibility ends once their members leave hospital. We don’t! So for things like follow-up treatment link physiotherapy, x-rays and blood tests, we foot the bill from Risk and not from Savings.
Other schemes:
Medical aid A: Treatments like physio, pathology, and other post-hospital related procedures paid from member’s day-to-day benefits
Medical aid B: From member’s day-to-day benefits
Medical aid C: Member’s day-to-day benefits always cover the cost

Unlimited private hospitalisation with no restrictions on which hospital you can use
You’ve heard us saying this a few hundred times, but it is one of the most important reasons why people choose us. Some medical aids only cover a percentage of your hospital bill, or up to a certain limit which could leave you with high co-payments, or even uncovered once your hospitalization limit has been reached.
Medical aid A: Unlimited but with restricted hospital lists
Medical aid B: R500 000 annual limit
Medical aid C: R150 000 annual limit