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Why choose Medshield

Medshield is established…
Medshield, operating since 1968, has history and credibility on its side. Due to this extensive experience in the healthcare sector, we truly understand the needs of our members.

Today the scheme is one of the largest in the country with over 73 000 principal members with a total of approximately 173 000 lives covered by the scheme.

This strength and size has been built upon an ability to deliver excellent cover supported by the highest quality systems and services.

Perhaps most importantly, their financial stability makes Medshield a safe haven for our members.

Medshield has been awarded one of the highest ratings in the industry – an AA- Global Credit Rating – for our claims paying ability, an all-important factor for you, the member.


Medshield offers superior quality at a great price…
Medshield’s ever-improving and evolving range of products is delivering what you really want – every day benefits you can use.

Medshield’s 3 products, or options, offer generous benefits. A few years ago Medshield took the decision to deliver value on our benefits as a priority over reward schemes in order to improve the quality of healthcare our members receive.

This is seen in their inclusive maternity, dentistry, optometry and doctor visits. For specific information on our maternity benefits, unlimited benefits and inclusive stated benefits, see products & benefits for further detail. Medshield is an extremely well-priced medical scheme, and their absolute value in benefits to premiums is incomparable. This puts you in a safe position for the future.


Medshield pays their members’ claims timeously…
Medshield has achieved a Global Credit Rating of AA- on our ability to pay claims.

This is due to the large amount of finance we have available – known as the ‘solvency ratio’ – which is exceeding 50% (regulations only require a 25% solvency ratio)

This means they have more than sufficient funds to pay claims, as well a healthy membership base which means there aren’t excessive drains on these finances.

This creates a sound platform for you to have your claims paid on time.